Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Label of the week - Te Maari Barham

This week's featured personalised label is from Te Maari Barham, our A.G. Buist Technician.  Given that her time here (so far anyway!) has revolved around scanning photographs of archaeological digs and moa bones, perhaps it was no wonder she chose to write about the small moa skeleton on display in Taranaki Naturally:

A70.622 - Moa skeleton (collection of Puke Ariki)

Te Maari's label muses on the toughness of a little moa that managed to outlive its larger family members: 

(click on the label for a larger image)

Te Maari's label is the first object in the I Digress ... on the subject of suffering and endurance scavenger hunt.  If you can endure the whole hunt you get a bright pink Ruru badge as a reward!

As Rebecca Connor mentioned in last week's staff meeting, we will be calling for new personalised label submissions in a few weeks' time.  The Ruru team is also working on some other exciting ideas, so we'll keep you posted!  In the meantime, keep an eye out for that obscure yet wonderful object you may wish to write about ...

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