Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let the planning begin!

So, as you all know, your Ruru team is planning to take personalised label writing public!  Oh, and to dress up ...

… is this what Natalie would look like in her Ruru costume??

This owl looks a smidge on the dejected side ...

Do you know anyone out there who has been dying to get their hands on a gold Ruru badge?  Well, now’s their chance!  They just have to come in to the foyer on Saturday 14 April from 11am-2pm and be a part of ‘The Ruru Revolution’ event.  It’s simple … write a personalised label on a post-it, stick it up next to the object, collect a badge, listen to some music, make an owl mask and more.  Staff, their kids, their grandmas and their creative musings are welcome too!

We also have our very first volunteer for the event.  Jocelyn has officially offered to help out on the day – thanks a million Joce!  We didn’t even have to bribe her with the promise of a Ruru t-shirt we’re not even sure we can afford yet!!!  We know we have a lot of Ruru fans amongst us, so don’t be shy … we’d love to have you along.  We need smiling, energetic Puke Ariki staff to encourage the public to “take over the museum”, as Polly put it.  Join the revolution!

Though we won’t be encouraging a hostile takeover or a storming of Kelvin’s desk (that was Polly’s idea), we will be encouraging creativity, personal expression, the sticking of post-it notes and the making of masks.  Linley has already been hunting out the perfect owl mask for the event … which Charlotte kindly agreed to model for the purpose of this blog!

Looking good Charlotte!

We should have fliers to promote the event available in the next week or two … so pick up a few when you spot them and invite all your friends along.  Oh, and if you want to dress up like Natalie, here’s a costume suggestion from the Ruru team!

Wouldn't Kelvin look ACE in one of these??