Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What colour will the new ones be??

Your Ruru team is at it again ... new scavenger hunts are under development!  

Over 1,600 scavenger hunts have been done since January, so we figured it was high time we provided our enthusiastic hunters with a new challenge.

We've been roaming the galleries once more, composing clues and thinking of imaginative ways to get visitors from one Ruru label to another.  A new theme has emerged and a new colour will too ... 

Glen Skipper and Linley Wellington will be putting their vast experience with young children to good use by helping to develop a scavenger hunt specially for pre-school kids.  If you see them crawling around the galleries on their knees, they're probably just trying to get a kids-eye view on our displays!

The new scavenger hunts will focus on Ruru labels in the North Wing.  Feedback suggests some people struggle with moving across the whole of Puke Ariki to complete the hunts ... I guess if you have three strollers, seven kids, 14 bags of shopping, a dog and a grandma, it's probably a fair point!

We'll keep you posted on when the new hunts will be ready for you (or your little ones) to try ... and when a new colour of Ruru badge will be on offer!