Friday, June 22, 2012

The new labels are up!

Bye bye old labels ... (don't panic, there are still 27 staff labels left around the buildings)

... HELLO new labels!  Hold on a second ... is that Meg about to eat Charlotte?  Did those jandals not hit the spot Meg??

Despite evidence of some standing around (only kidding Danny!), we managed to get all 25 new Ruru labels up in the three long term galleries, assisted by Danny and his trusty spirit level.

They look awesome (and very straight).  Thanks Danny and Charlotte!  Check 'em out when you have a chance ... there's 11 new labels in Taranaki Life, 10 in Taranaki Naturally and 4 in Takapou Whariki.  Most are written by kids (and then there's Polly ... but we all know she's just a big kid anyway!) and they're AMAZING!

And now it's only just over a week until our celebration for the label writers.  The new scavenger hunts are coming along nicely, Mikaere has designed a super cool certificate to present to the label writers, and plans for copious amounts of home baking are underway.  It's sure to be an afternoon of sugar-induced hyperactivity and general happiness!

The brand spanking new scavenger hunts will be ready for you and everyone you know to try on Monday 2 July, so spread the word!  Let's face it ... you haven't lived unless you've been there, done that and collected the (Ruru) badge!

Friday, June 15, 2012

New scavenger hunts and ratty little things ...

Are they going on a bear hunt?  Are they looking for the toilet?  Are they having an existential crisis about their purpose in life??  NO!  Natalie and Charlotte have started the arduous process of writing some new Ruru I Digress ... scavenger hunts!  The job involved some close examination of various objects.  We determined that the Miss Brooklands gown would look lovely on Natalie ... if only Andrew would let us play dress ups!

We wrote clues about all manner of unusual things ... I mean, seriously, what IS that??  Is it a flying mouse?  A vampire suspended in some sort of cryogenic liquid?

NO!  It's a "ratty little thing" that features in a poem by Harry Devine, whose label is soon to be on display in Taranaki Naturally: 

Three new I Digress ... scavenger hunts will showcase the 25 brand spanking new Ruru labels written by our Revolutionaries back in April.  The hunts will be ready for consumption in the first week of July.  Ruru will also be hosting a special 'private viewing' for the 25 label writers to celebrate their labels being selected for display.  There is rumour of certificates, home baking AND a Ruru cake ... we can only hope it will turn out as well as this!

So, the Ruru Revolution continues ... VIVA LA REVOLUTION!