Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An artistic young owl

Since December 2011, our Ruru trail ... for curious young owls has introduced more than 450 keen little explorers to awesome objects like fuzzy kiwis, a hefty anchor stone, a cheeky duck and Glen Skipper's amazing ceremonial doors ... and, of course, they collect a well deserved Ruru sticker at the end!

But every now and again we have an extra specially curious - or in this case artistic - young owl who catches our attention.  Last week, Mikaere had the pleasure of providing additional paper to Zoē Clough, a very creative 8 year old.  She put the paper to good use by making a range of colourful rubbings from Glen's bronze castings ... check out a couple below.  Great job Zoē! 

Ruru is delighted our trail is helping young people get excited about exploring the museum and is helping talented kids like Zoē unleash their creativity.  We hope to see you at Puke Ariki again soon Zoē!