Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Curious young owls ... this one's for you!

Do the new Ruru trail and you can be this happy too!

Finally, it's here!  "What's here?" we hear you ask ...

Smiling kids?

Happy faces?

A lack of frazzled parents??


Like all good museum explorers, Oliver loves Meg

The new Ruru Trail ... for curious young owls! is here and ready to introduce preschoolers to the delights of Puke Ariki's displays.  And what would a trail for young kids be if it didn't feature Meg, our famous Megalodon shark??!! 

We've got to start with a HUGE shout out to Linley Wellington and Glen Skipper ... their experience with rampaging young museum goers, not to mention raising a kid or two, was invaluable in shaping the trail.  As Glen says, Ruru is all about helping visitors "experience the magic", whether they're 2 years old or 2 years away from retirement.

So ... the new trail aims to familiarise preschoolers and their carers with the galleries and help under 5's explore the objects on display.  What colour are the duck's feathers?  How would you attach an anchor stone to a boat?  What do you have at home that is soft and fuzzy like Kiwi feathers?  And why is Geoff on his hands and knees again??

He's an artist you know ...

It's just part of our rigorous testing process is all!  After we put Geoff through his paces, we moved on to a group of unsuspecting (but very cute) under 5's.  They looked, they discussed, they made rubbings ...

How many ancestors can YOU see?

... and then they got their very own Ruru stickers!  Hannah Leahy's delightful son Oliver models the goods below:

So if you know a preschooler who wants to check out some amazing objects, or a carer who wants their sanity to remain intact during a visit to the museum, introduce them to the Ruru Trail ... for curious young owls!  Spread the word!