Monday, February 14, 2011

Label of the week - Nathan Hills

This week's featured personalised label comes from Environmental Education Officer Nathan Hills.  His object of inspiration was the classic Swanndri:

TM2002.075 - John Mack Ltd, Jacket, Swanndri (circa 1960s) (Collection of Puke Ariki, New Plymouth)

Nathan's recollections of donning a Swanndri hint at a traumatic relationship with the legendary garb of all good Kiwi men:

(if you click on the image it will get bigger)

Perhaps wearing the good ol' Swannie wasn't all it was cracked up to be!

Nathan's label is on display with a range of Swanndri garments in the Taranaki Life gallery.  His label also features in the purple I Digress ... scavenger hunt, which has the theme of fashion, craft and design.  If you haven't given it a whirl yet, try it out and collect your very own purple Ruru badge when you're done!  Go on, I dare ya!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Time to check out some labels ...

For those of you who haven't had time to check out the personalised label trail yet, I figured I would help you out ... by writing a weekly 'featured label' blog post you can check out from the comfort of your desk!

Our inaugural 'label of the week' belongs to Paula Matheson, our trusty Pictorial Collection Volunteer.  Not only did she write a label but she also acted as a guinea pig by testing the public scavenger hunts before the launch on Saturday 22 January.

Paula's chosen object was dear to her heart - the giant portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on display in the Taranaki Research Centre was painted by her great grandfather!  So here's a picture of her inspiration:

PA2007.244 - Jack Wood, "N.P.  1953.  Royal Visit" (1953)

And here's her fantastic label (if you can't read it just click on the image and it will expand in size):

Paula's label also features in the blue I Digress ... on the mysteries of Puke Ariki scavenger hunt.  Her section of the hunt offers people the chance to muse on the question 'where would you take the Queen if she visited again and why?'  One scavenger hunter responded with the following comment: "To Pukekura Park to see the lights and enjoy the music - and maybe a boat ride or an ice cream!"  I'm sure Queenie would love a trip to Pukekura Park!!!

In case you are wondering how many labels are where, here's a rundown to make exploring the label trail easier:

Taranaki Naturally gallery - 4 labels
Takapou Whariki gallery - 5 labels
Taranaki Life gallery - 18 labels
Taranaki Research Centre - 1 label
Level 1, Library - 2 labels
Ground floor, Library - 1 label
Discover It! - 3 labels

If you want to see more labels in your favourite area of Puke Ariki, we'll be inviting you to make contributions to a second round of labels in March.  So start hunting out your favourite objects now!