Monday, February 14, 2011

Label of the week - Nathan Hills

This week's featured personalised label comes from Environmental Education Officer Nathan Hills.  His object of inspiration was the classic Swanndri:

TM2002.075 - John Mack Ltd, Jacket, Swanndri (circa 1960s) (Collection of Puke Ariki, New Plymouth)

Nathan's recollections of donning a Swanndri hint at a traumatic relationship with the legendary garb of all good Kiwi men:

(if you click on the image it will get bigger)

Perhaps wearing the good ol' Swannie wasn't all it was cracked up to be!

Nathan's label is on display with a range of Swanndri garments in the Taranaki Life gallery.  His label also features in the purple I Digress ... scavenger hunt, which has the theme of fashion, craft and design.  If you haven't given it a whirl yet, try it out and collect your very own purple Ruru badge when you're done!  Go on, I dare ya!!!

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