Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Label of the week - Glen Skipper

This week's personalised label is written by Glen Skipper, Curator Taonga Māori.  Glen obviously hunted around for one of the least known, mysterious little displays he could find ... it would be safe to say most Puke Ariki staff didn't even know this drawer of shells existed!

Shell drawer, Taranaki Naturally Gallery

Glen's label records his reaction to stumbling across this little-known drawer ...

(click on label for a larger image)

... and succinctly expresses the frustration of finding a display with no labels!!!  

A hearty congratulations also to Clare O'Connell, who is the FIRST person to submit a label for the second round of personalised labels.  She was duly rewarded with a Ruru badge AND a buzz bar (the shop was out of chocolate fish!).  [disclaimer: Clare only got a buzz bar for being the first to write a label, so don't get your hopes up!!!]

The Ruru team eagerly awaits your new reminiscences ...

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