Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thanks to the label writers!

The deadline for round two of personalised labels has passed ... though I haven't started editing the labels yet, so if you have a last minute addition I can probably be bribed to take it!

A huge THANK YOU to the new Ruru Revolutionaries that have joined the ranks of label writers.  We now have 18 new labels, including many from first time writers.  Our new Curator Archives, Lucy Macfarlane, put her recent experience of working at the Eltham Cheese Shop to good use by writing an ode to cheesemaking, while Mikaere Gardiner used his well known artistic prowess to create a visual rather than textual label.  These labels and more will be awaiting your discovery in May ...

On that note, we'll blog next week about how we plan to launch the new labels and celebrate our label writers.  All we can tell you at this stage is the celebration will be a 'three for the price of one' affair (but not in a cheap way!) and will definitely be different from last time!


"Who are you calling a fossil?!!"

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