Friday, April 27, 2012

What next?

So, after all the revolutionary excitement, the question is ... what next?  Well, before we get distracted with such big and philosophical questions, here's a few more awesome photos and labels from the day ...

A buzzing foyer ...

The owl mask makers getting creative

Tayne Lewis' label about the model train even featured this amazing drawing on the back!

Andrew looking happy in his work ... nice t-shirt Andrew!

A champion scavenger hunter (check out those badges!) making an owl mask

So, we've started sifting through the 350 post-it note labels (yep, Geoff found two more hidden away, taking the total to 350!), looking for the very best stories, witticisms, poems and drawings to turn into new long term Ruru labels.  We can't wait to let those talented label writers know their amazing labels are going to be 'published' for all to enjoy ... we're sure the general public will love them just as much as we do! 

After all that, we'll be designing some new scavenger hunts based on the new labels ... watch this space! 

What's that cheeky looking Bill Howard up to???

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