Monday, April 2, 2012

Ruru Ruru everywhere

The production line has begun!  Charlotte is now a badge making champion ...

Charlotte is now a badge making pro!

... and those sought-after Ruru tees are here for our fabulous volunteers, as are the post-it notes for the penning of the perfect personalised label.  On the note of volunteers, a big thank you to our final volunteers: Adrienne, Janie, Jacqueline, Hannah and Alice.  You guys rock!  And of course, you'll be sporting a Ruru tee of your own, just like me!  The Ruru team is incredibly grateful to the twenty wonderful staff who have volunteered for this event ... its success will be down to you.

And for those of you with young Ruru fans, you'll be very pleased to know that Vivid will be selling kid-sized Ruru tees for $25 during the Ruru Revolution event.  We're sure they'll fly out the door!

A massive shout out must go to the wonderful Logan at Future Grafix for generously creating complimentary post-its for us!  Thank you so much ... they'll make great spot prizes on the day.

Our awesome complimentary Ruru post-its! 

So, it's coming together nicely ... and we're looking forward to Puke Ariki's long term galleries being plastered with personalised post-its!  Viva la revolution!

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