Monday, April 16, 2012

And take over the museum they did!

The first bunch of trouble makers on the scene for Saturday's Ruru Revolution were these rowdy revolutionaries (minus a few that escaped the camera!).  And let's face it, the outstanding success of the event was all down to our volunteers ... thank you a million times over!

In the end, 348 post-its were plastered all over the long term galleries!  It took an hour and a half to collect them all and still a few escaped our notice ... Geoff found at least 6 today.  Thanks for tidying up after us Geoff! 

We asked a few young Ruru fans what they thought of the event.  Isaac said "This place is better than Te Papa!"  Thanks Isaac, we think so too.  A little guy told Andrew that “This is a really interesting place! There is so much stuff here to look at, it’s so interesting.”  Here here!  And Sahara said:

Agreed Sahara!  Here's a few photos and labels to give you a general impression of the day, which was full of wild label writing, energetic scavenger hunting, colourful and creative owl mask making ... and MASSES of fun!  Thank you to everyone who was a part of it and helped make it magic.  And you know what the best part is?  There's enough post-its left over to do it all over again. 


Getting into the swing of things

Keri in her incredible Ruru costume ... looking good Keri!

The most popular object was the Megalodon shark, but the moa gave Meg a run for her money.  The kiwis were a close third.  Believe it or not, there were 198 labels written for objects in Taranaki Naturally!  Kids LOVE animals and big stuff!

"Please keep children off this display" ... but not post-its!!!

Megalodon shark

Megalodon shark

Megalodon shark

The kiwis were very popular ...

Whaling tripot, Taranaki Naturally

'Story of Taranaki' wall, Taranaki Naturally

Te Ao Whanui mat outside Takapou Whariki

Pseudodontornis stirtoni (false toothed bird) ... hanging off the roof near Meg above the foyer!

Education caps, Taranaki Life

Mikaere with his Ruru mask

A lovely thank you note from Tayne, who wrote SEVEN labels!

We're looking forward to the next one too Tayne ... see you there!

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