Friday, May 11, 2012

Brilliant labels and date slice

Always up for a get-together (particularly since Charlotte was baking a delectable date slice!), the Ruru team and fellow revolutionaries took over the Level 3 meeting room last Friday to vote on their favourite labels from April's Ruru Revolution event.

The shortlist was plastered all over the meeting room table and everyone was encouraged to vote.  Much reading and chuckling ensued ... seeing our favourite labels again was like greeting old friends!  There were loads of labels to read, so Charlotte's sugar-packed slice kept up our energy levels.  

The labels all laid out ...

Adrienne multi-tasking ... eating and reading at the same time!

Kelvin, Linley and Andrew take in all the labels for Taranaki Naturally

After reacquainting ourselves with the creative endeavours of our favourite writers, 26 post-its were chosen to be turned into new long term labels.

Now all we have to do is proof them, get them printed, pull down some old Ruru labels, put up the new ones, write some fresh scavenger hunts, invite the published label writers in to admire their work ... and then celebrate!

Oh, and then do it all over again another day!

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