Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thank goodness the new badge making supplies have arrived!

Well, the personalised label contributions are coming thick and fast now!  The iSite team leads the way with three contributions so far, thanks to Karen, Valda and Anne Lise's efforts.  Education is making a play for the lead spot though, with Denise and Nathan emailing me their labels yesterday afternoon.  That good old Kiwi-ism, the contentious and well-loved word "bloody", features in Nathan's label ... and therefore it's a strong candidate for a bit of editing!  Kate Boocock has also sent in a trimmed down version of a slightly longer label she'd written previously.  Unfortunately there won't be room on the label for her gorgeous hand drawn pictures of the sewing patches she wrote about!  What with all these labels flooding in, it's a bit of luck the new badge making supplies have arrived from Australia!!!

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