Friday, November 26, 2010

The final flurry ...

A flurry of emails with labels have been keeping me busy delivering badges all over the building in the last couple of days.  Paul, pictured here wearing his badge of honour proudly, even submitted two labels!  This week we've had musings from Paul, Diana, Gary, Bill (of the Macnaught variety), Kelvin and North Wing Volunteer Pam Murdoch.  All of them are under the strict 100 word mark EXCEPT for Kelvin's, which is a whole TWO words over the limit.  I decided to be lenient in his case given he let me away with blowing the 5,000 word limit for my Contested Ground essay by more than 2,000 words!!!

I've also fixed the settings on the blog so anyone can leave a comment without registering first.  So feel free to start commenting.  Jocelyn, I know you want to!!!

So today is the last day for label submissions.  After that the Ruru group will be meeting on Thursday 2 December to review them and start considering issues like placement.  We'll start tormenting the Exhibitions team a bit after that to sort out printing, mounting, placement and lighting of the labels.  Then we'll create a whole new scavenger hunt for the launch of the trail - don't forget to mark Thursday 20 January 2011 in your diary.  This kind of fun awaits ...


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