Tuesday, November 23, 2010

People are getting creative!

Look yonder at those Titian flying ducks!  Christine wrote about these ceramic collectables and has since been seen modelling her spiffing Ruru badge in the TRC.

People are really showing off their creative talents now too.  Judy Thompson wrote a recipe about a set of Crown Lynn ceramics, Maia wrote a poem and Mikaere has something suitably visual up his sleeve (he IS an artist and all).

Talking about showing off, check out this rowdy mob:

Turns out the Education Team performs on request!!!  Here they model all manner of things, though it was their badges I really wanted them to show off.  Looking good guys!

Don't forget that this Friday (26 November) is the deadline for submitting your personalised labels.  We look forward to a flurry of emails with some more amazing literary efforts!

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