Wednesday, July 25, 2012


How many??

Seven hundred!  Seven hundred!  SEVEN HUNDRED!   S E V E N   H U N D R E D !!!

Over the school holidays, 700 scavenger hunts were done by Puke Ariki visitors.  Phwoar, that's AMAZING!  Obviously our Ruru fans were amping to get their hands on the new hunts ... and the new badges of course!  Though our awesome personalised labels took a bit of a battering, lots of kids said how the Ruru trails made them look at Puke Ariki's amazing heritage objects in a whole new way.  Great to hear!

Thank you to Natalie and Charlotte for their fabulous clue writing efforts, and to the Visitor Hosts for facilitating, smiling and badge making on Ruru's behalf.  Geez, your biceps must be positively bulging after pumping out that many badges!

Since the voracious demand for our scavenger hunts continues, we plan on writing another one or two in the coming months.  What colour will the next ones be??

Stay tuned!

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