Monday, July 2, 2012

A Ruru party like no other ...

Wow, look at that Ruru cake!  This amazing creation - a collaborative effort between Natalie, who made the cake, and Mikaere's partner Sophia, who did the incredible decoration - served as the centrepiece for Sunday's Ruru 'private viewing' party.  If you recall (which we're sure you do!), after April's Ruru Revolution event the team selected 25 awesome labels written by 25 awesome people to turn into long term labels.  Sunday was about celebrating the efforts of the label writers with certificates, new scavenger hunts, home baking and, of course, THAT CAKE!  In addition to Natalie and Sophia, Linley and Charlotte also whipped up some delicious treats.  Look at that spread ... thanks bakers!

And strangely enough, the Moffat children were VERY keen to help me get underway with cutting the cake!

Then the feeding frenzy ensued ...

... and in a matter of minutes, this was all that was left!

It was an incredibly successful event for the label writers and their families.  There was coffee drinking, cupcake eating, certificate presenting, congratulations abounding ... and some scavenger hunting!  All with our delightful Ruru Revolutionaries that we're getting to know so well.  We can't wait to see them at our next event (whenever that might be!).  Until then, here's some photos of our amazing label writers ...

Felix Ashworth with a remarkable array of badges ... note all the Ruru ones!

Tarashar, Oceania, Baillie (a label writer extraordinaire) and Serrin finished ALL THREE new hunts!

The Ashworth family takes a pit stop as they read their next clue ...

WATCH OUT!  The Ashworth girls hide from Meg the shark

Elena Honnor with Ruru Ruth (as she calls me) ... thanks for the card Elena!

Revolutionaries in various states of scavenger hunting activity

Jessica, Jemma and Haylee with big smiles and plenty of Ruru badges between them

Tayne looking ace in his Ruru tee

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