Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ruru gets festive!

It was the last Ruru meeting of the year today and the team was looking festive!  I'm sure you'll agree that Duncan looks dapper in his Ruru-themed Santa hat and Rebecca looks very merry in her head band decorated with Ruru badges.  You want a closer look?  I thought you'd say that ...

I think she might have been smiling more about the chocolate fish I gave her than wearing her faux antlers!

Anyway, to the proper news.  We talked a lot today about what will happen once we've launched the label trail - how we'll promote it to the public, when we'll get round two of labels underway, and how/when we might invite the public to write some labels too.  We all agreed that having the staff excited and enthused about the project is going to be integral to its success. 

Therefore, we're looking forward to thrilling you with our new scavenger hunt on 20 January.  It will be your chance to explore the reminiscences of fellow staff members, marvel at their wordsmithing and perhaps even get inspiration for your own label.  We hope you'll love the labels so much that you'll bring all your family and friends in to explore them as well!

So until January 2011, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Ruru team!!!


  1. Are you SURE you only gave her ONE chocolate fish?

  2. I just read about your project on Museum 2.0. Love the idea. Do you have an example of the first person labels? Are you going to post them after your launch of the scavenger hunt?

    Fargo, North Dakota, USA

  3. Hi Gwen,

    Thanks so much for your interest in our project! We've been intentionally keeping the labels under wraps until the launch but we'll certainly post some examples on the blog once the labels have gone public. So watch this space!

    All the best,

    Ruth (for Ruru)