Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The big guns

We brought out the big guns today, trailing Simon and Andrew around the galleries to check our plans for label placement and to consider other logistical concerns.  By our powers combined we'll figure it all out ... so full steam ahead for the launch in January!

On that note, I gather there has been a little concern about the start time for the label trail scavenger hunt.  Fear not!  The scavenger hunt will not kick off until 6pm on Thursday 20 January 2011 to ensure anybody who's working can still be a part of the fun!

I also took Ruru on a road trip to Auckland this week, spreading the revolutionary word:

Ruru made an appearance at the Auckland War Memorial Museum (as evidenced by this picture) and also snuck out at drinks with Camilla Baskcomb, Conservator of Works on Paper at the Auckland Art Gallery.  He wanted to jump off the Sky Tower as well but I wouldn't let him!  Our colleagues from the Big Smoke are very interested in what we're up to down here so hopefully we can entice some of them down for a label trail scavenger hunt one day!

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  1. It was a bit mean not letting him jump off the sky tower!