Monday, September 30, 2013

They came, they ate, they scavenger hunted!

Our fantastic Ruru label writers were the recipients of an awesome party on Sunday to celebrate their writing genius.  They got custom-made certificates, handed out by the fabulous Charlotte Stace and Linley Wellington, and they enjoyed a dazzling array of home-baking that had been specially made for them (thanks so much Ruru team!).  Then they roamed the galleries, visiting their labels and claiming brand new badges made to match the brand new scavenger hunts.  Well done everyone ... great job!  

4 year old label writer Corban Hills claims his Ruru certificate

YUM!  Look at all those treats!

Do I detect a look of anticipation on those faces in the background?

All gone!  The feeding frenzy makes short work of the Ruru cake

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