Thursday, July 25, 2013

The labels are chosen ...

With the lure of brownies and Charlotte's delicious pavlova to tempt them, the Ruru team came together last week to choose which Ruru Revolution Mark II labels were SO amazing that they just had to be turned into long term labels and displayed in our museum galleries.

Glen surveyed the short-listed labels from Taranaki Life while Charlotte tallied up the favourites from Takapou Whariki ... 

Look at all those labels!

Charlotte sampled her delectable pavlova ... and luckily she got it down before the fire alarm interrupted us!

In the end, the team chose 27 labels of literary prowess to put on display.  We're now in the process of getting the labels printed, informing the writers, inviting them to the label launch party on Sunday 29 September at 3pm and THEN writing some brand new scavenger hunts.  Only 66 days until you can try them out ... so the countdown is on!

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