Thursday, May 23, 2013

A brand new scavenger hunt ... thanks to Alice!

Yeah, you're right, it's been pretty quiet on the Ruru front for a while.  But since our last blog, more than 1,500 scavenger hunts have been done by avid Ruru fans ... which is amazing if you ask us!

And now, thanks to the ever-creative and talented Alice Franklin, we have a new Ruru scavenger hunt!  Alice's trail, called I Digress ... on all things natural, takes in some of the kid-friendly, colourful things on offer in Discover It!, Puke Ariki's dedicated children's area.  The young ones in your life can: explore what makes Moo poo; look for their favourite animal in the jungle mural; examine the kite Te Ao wrote a beautiful Ruru label about; and more.  Their reward?  A Ruru sticker of course!

Thank you Alice for all your brilliant work.

Also, as a heads up, there is another Ruru Revolution public label writing event being planned - yet another chance to make your mark!  What will YOU write about?  Meg the Megalodon shark?  The moa?  Ferdie the Bull?  Or something else?  You've got a few months to decide ... we'll keep you posted on the date!

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