Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fledgling label writers, adzes and GIANT white gloves

Last week Ruru took some fledgling label writers from Central School under its wing.  Glen Skipper shared a bunch of interesting facts about adzes ... did YOU know that some of Puke Ariki's adzes are magnetic??  They spent a while in Takapou Whariki gallery learning about how the museum cares for its taonga - now any of them would be able to tell you why the light levels are low in the galleries and why you have to wear white gloves to handle museum objects! 

The kids overcame adversity when they were required to wear size LARGE white gloves while handling the adzes: 

Then our little fledglings took to the galleries and tried out some Ruru scavenger hunts ... smart young things were pretty speedy!  They came back to Puke Ariki the next morning and - after checking out the schooling displays in Taranaki Life - they each got to choose an object they wanted to research.  Back at school they intend to write their own Ruru labels about their objects and even design a scavenger hunt.  They will certainly deserve their gold Ruru badges when they're done!

Their teacher, the lovely Mrs Bastin, plans to forward the kids' labels to us when they're done.  We look forward to posting them on the blog for all to admire!   

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