Friday, September 7, 2012

Ruru goes nocturnal with a staff 'Night at the Museum' party!

WAY back before Ruru became Ruru, a handful of people helped create Puke Ariki's very first interactive scavenger hunt.  Those of you who were there will remember a crush at the Little fakes, receiving clues via text message and moulding butter-coloured Playdoh into the shape of beloved Heritage Collection objects.  You'll spot a likeness of Ferdie below:

However, you'll be forgiven if you don't recognise Kelvin's object as a percussion drill bit!

Well, the chance to participate in such hilarity is here again!  Ruru has been invited by Puke Ariki's Social Angels to devise a scavenger hunt to beat all scavenger hunts, created especially for our next Puke Ariki staff event on Thursday 4 OctoberOf course, Ruru began its days as a staff initiative, so here's your chance to renew your passion for Ruru, show us what you're made of and win a much-coveted prize.

Oh no, they're not going to make me give away my jumbo owl eraser, are they??

NO!  It's Niall that's up for grabs! (I always thought his name was Niles ... but on closer inspection of the photo below, his tag explains his name is Niall, which means 'champion' ... who knew??)

So get a team together, register with the Social Angels (Karen or Janie) and show off your scavenger hunting prowess.  In the meantime, your dedicated Ruru team will endeavour to make you the most AMAZING scavenger hunt imaginable ... possibly involving fishing, acting, texting, making and more!

* Disclaimer:  all bribes will be considered, particularly if they involve coffee, chocolate or trips to Tahiti!

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