Monday, September 5, 2011

It's a Ruru road test!

Lakshmi Iyer's fantastically talented son Adith seemed like the perfect person to road test our new Ruru scavenger hunt, so we put him through his paces this afternoon.  Here he is roaming the North Wing, showing us how it's done ...

The new scavenger hunt has the theme of coming to your senses ... and the clues involve all sorts of museum-inspired sights, sounds, smells, tastes and (though you're not normally allowed to do this in museums) touch!  Just like the other I Digress ...  scavenger hunts, the new one follows our fabulous Ruru personalised label trail, featuring labels written by our equally fabulous staff.

After doing the hunt in record time, we awarded Adith with the only yellow Ruru badge yet  made.  See, he looks pretty happy about it!

Following a few tweaks and a short wait for some yellow paper to arrive, we'll be releasing the I Digress ... on coming to my senses scavenger hunt to the public.  So if you know any avid hunters that can't wait for a chance to collect a different coloured Ruru badge, tell them to keep an eye out for our sensational new scavenger hunt!

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