Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Here they are ... the two faces of Stranger Than Fiction!  Wearing the hat she made during Hoani Eriwata's Museum Madness workshop on Saturday, Adrienne Cessford - exhibition host for STF - poses with the poster girl of the show, Majesty.  Don't they look regal??!!

Majesty has proven to be an incredibly popular feature of Stranger Than Fiction.  According to Adrienne, she is probably the most written about object in the show.  Small children seem to think she is some sort of dinosaur mouse ... when asked why she's wearing a dress, they says she's the queen of dinosaur mice!  A totally logical answer if you ask me.

So here's a couple of our favourite labels for Majesty, in case you missed them in the show:

A big shout out to Adrienne, who has done an exceptional job with welcoming people into the exhibition and encouraging people to get into the spirit of label writing (backed up by on-call hosts Juliet, Patricia and Alice ... thanks guys!).  She has also done a brilliant job assisting with the STF events and capturing all sorts of useful statistical information that we'll be using to evaluate the exhibition once it's finished.

On that note, it's the show's FINAL DAYS!  The exhibition closes on Sunday so it's your last chance to have a bit of a chuckle over the labels and write your own imaginative offering.  Get down there and cut loose ... Ruru dares ya!            

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