Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Installation day

Never mind me being brought to my knees on Friday ... today we had Geoff on his knees in the name of the Ruru project as well!  Today was installation day and our label format was put to the test, both in terms of looks and how easy they would be to put up.  There were a few kinks (or should I say air bubbles) to be smoothed out and a few tight spots to get around:

However, all in all, they look FANTASTIC (if we do say so ourselves)!  The Ruru team are very excited to be able to finally share the labels with the staff and public.  Of course, the best way to explore the labels is through the I Digress ... scavenger hunts.  The staff hunts have just been completed and are ready and waiting for tomorrow night's fun and frivolity.

We just have to tweak our cryptic clues for the public launch on Saturday and we should be all set to start dishing out coloured Ruru badges to enthusiastic scavenger hunters!


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